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About the farm...


Welcome to Brimstone Farms!

We are a farm nestled in the Catskill mountains of New York State.

The farm, a foreclosed piece of parcel, was purchased during a pandemic on August of 2020. You would probably think I was out of my mind buying this out of site purchase but we just couldn't let it slip by.

Lets go years prior to the purchase...For over 8 years, I have had my eyes on the village of Sharon Springs, NY. I have had many failed purchases together with my mom, who without seeing the village, thought it would've been a good place to live peacefully and make it a legacy to be passed on from generation to generation, starting with her. 

Unfortunately, she passed four years ago, but I kept listening to her wise words, those soft words engraved in my mind and heart. 

Six months prior to purchasing, I saw a facebook group post for the town where someone commented about her house being for sale. My eyes popped out, as this piece of property had everything I wanted, so, I immediately contacted her. We went around the agreed price and how to proceed, but it kept getting complicated to deal with by ourselves with no realtor or legal help. I let it go and forgot about buying it anymore. 

A few months later, her house hit the real estate market as a foreclosure. The listing was about three days old when I contacted the listing agent. I immediately gave him my offer of which he laughed and mentioned that there were  fifteen other interested parties and to give him my best and final offer. I did and a week later got the call that I won the bid. This house, along with a two story barn, a chicken coup and shed, sitting on almost four acres with a rolling creek, were all mine, free and clear! Dreams do come true!

Come follow my journey as I take this foreclosed property and make it a home. I'll be posting before and after picture, ideas, inspirations, recipes and everything in-between, all from 1,500 miles away from the property! This should be a lot of fun...


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